Repurposing Old Items To Save Money | Guest Post by Tony Standin

As we go throughout our daily lives, we tend to acquire things. A few new outfits here, new electronic devices, maybe even some new furniture and these things clutter up our homes and cause us to spend too much money. One good way to simplify your life and keep yourself from getting into debt is […]

Simple Decorating

My house is not a showplace. In our home is John and me, our two college-age kids, my grandma, and our toddler. It is cozy. To me, it is beautiful. My decorating style is simple. I find a few pieces I love and highlight them. Almost everything I get is a really good deal, too. One of the […]

Simple Christmas

Instead of a to-do list this Christmas, I’ve created a not-to-do list. These are things I usually  do, but I’m not doing this year. 1. Not-to-Do: Bake. No, I won’t be doing a ton of holiday baking. I’m going to make two things: gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies with little Alyssa. 2.Not-to-Do: Buy an excess […]

Decorating with Crates.

A few years ago I loaded up on crates that were sitting purposeless in my parents garage. At the time I had no idea what I would do with them. They ended up going from one dust gathering garage to another. Mine! I was ashamed. I would see them daily so sad and lonely, and […]

Simple Fall Decorations

While you won’t find fancy, expensive decorations in an Amish home, you will find simple touches using a few store-bought objects and natural decorations. Here are a couple ideas to decorate your home for fall that won’t break your budget or scatter your schedule: 1) Candles. Candles are very popular gifts among the Amish, especially […]

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