Money-Saving Tips

Money-Saving Tips As a stay-at-home mom of 20 years, I know how important stretching our funds and living on one income is. Even though making our money last longer is the goal, I have also looked at saving money as a second job for me. If I can find a way to purchase something for […]

Think About Winter Now

I live in northwest Montana, only an hour’s drive from the Canadian border, so summer for us is a quick guest that leaves before we know it. By October I’ll be pulling out the plastic bins so I can retrieve the long sleeves and pack away the breezy summer clothing. Today I was reading about […]

How to Make Your Own Mocha or Latte

Looking to save some cash this month? Trying hitting up Starbucks less and your kitchen more! Making your own mocha (or latte) is really simple. This is a Saeco espresso machine. French press coffee would be ideal if you don’t have an espresso machine, but regular coffee can work, too. Just make sure you use […]

Can You Get One More Year Out of It?

Seven years ago my husband and I took a dreamy trip to Kona, Hawaii, to celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I had almost no summer clothing, so I saved and made what seemed like an extravagant trip to Old Navy for some light cotton skirts to wear on the Big Island. Last night I was […]

Does “Daily Bread” Mean Doritos?

After two mind-numbing, nine-hour flights across the Atlantic, we finally landed in the dark at Entebbe, Uganda. Piling luggage in the awaiting car, our host drove us slowly to our destination of Kampala. “Welcome to the land of potholes!” he said cheerfully, as he steered quickly to the other side of the road to miss […]

Be Free of the Tyranny of the Cards

The Devil is brilliant. He crept into every store in our country and installed swipe machines. So we take our shopping carts (buggies, if you live in the south) and pile up whatever we want. This and this and this and this. Ooooh, that looks good. Toss it in the cart. Then we go to […]

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