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The Lost Art of the Handmade Gift | Guest Post by Audra Jennings

Back in the days before it was so easy to pop in Target to buy a gift for a new baby or a wedding, it was more common to make a gift to give to someone. It really wasn’t even so long ago, really. I wonder though, have people lost the appreciation for the gift […]

Five Ways to Bless Others

Amish novels are so much fun to read! The characters are always taking walks, or cooking, or sewing! Many times the characters are ministering to someone else—someone who is sick or maybe just someone who is a bit lonely. So what can you do to minister to someone you know? I came up with five […]

Prayer Shawls

I had not heard the term prayer shawls until recently. I was in church, and the woman who is in charge of this ministry stepped up, laid out the shawls members had made, and our pastor blessed them. Whoa! I was hooked. A prayer shawl is something that, while you’re making it, you pray for […]

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