Let’s Play!

Last month I shared the song in my heart because spring had finally arrived after a long cold New York winter. (Find the link here.) I had hymns in my head celebrating the rebirth of life! I wanted to rejoice as all of nature burst into bloom. I pulled out my markers and started drawing […]

Pallet Shelves as Home Decor

I am excited to be joining Not Quite Amish as a regular contributor writing about DIY projects, repurposing, and frugal ways to add beauty and meaning to your home. My husband and I have been collaborating on DIY projects for our home over the last couple of years. It all began when my oldest son […]

Quilting for Beginners

I’ve been signing books at quilt shows in Texas. It’s so much fun! I love being around these ladies who are committed to continuing this time-honored tradition. All of my books have quilting in them. One entire series (my Shipshewana Amish mystery books) are set in a quilt shop. But the truth is that I’m […]

Pinterest “Fail” Turned WIN!

While I have never had dinner with an Amish family, my mind imagines their meal time functions as this beautifully well-oiled machine that hums. Oh, how I wish this was the picture of my family meals. I work outside the home and typically get home past 6:00 p.m. and I am tired. Not only am […]

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