Are You Handy?

I’m really excited about this post since I get to share with you another part of my life that I am very passionate about. Handicrafting! What is a Handicraft? Handicraft n [ˈhændɪˌkrɑːft] 1. skill or dexterity in working with the hands 2. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Crafts) a particular skill or art performed […]

Record Your Family Memories with Project Life

Are you a busy, stressed-out mom? Do you have little ones always at your feet, begging you for more time, energy, or food? Or are you carting around teenagers all over town? Maybe your kids are grown and you want a way to go back and preserve some of those memories. If so, I have […]

Pallet Shelves as Home Decor

I am excited to be joining Not Quite Amish as a regular contributor writing about DIY projects, repurposing, and frugal ways to add beauty and meaning to your home. My husband and I have been collaborating on DIY projects for our home over the last couple of years. It all began when my oldest son […]

Quilting for Beginners

I’ve been signing books at quilt shows in Texas. It’s so much fun! I love being around these ladies who are committed to continuing this time-honored tradition. All of my books have quilting in them. One entire series (my Shipshewana Amish mystery books) are set in a quilt shop. But the truth is that I’m […]

Using Up The Stash

Knitters collect yarn. Quilters collect fabric. Crafters of all kinds love supplies. Part of practicing a hobby is having the goodies to play with. Unfortunately sometimes having the things gets to be more important than using what you have. The pile of goodies gets so big, it’s embarrassing. I have a healthy stash of yarn […]

Fanned Paper Flower Tutorial

Once the Christmas decorations come down, I swing into birthday-party planning mode. I am one of those moms who makes a super big deal of my kids’ birthdays because THEY are incredible and they should have special experiences for their “born-on-date” memory makers! The other reason I do it is because I love crafting, and […]

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