21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes | Day 8 – The Hot Beverage Bar

Although I have done some fun Christmas baking with my daughter as she was growing up, I really didn’t do that much. I didn’t like having all the calories around the house! There is something that I do keep on hand that I can easily pull out and put on the table to serve guests […]

Pay More for Coffee? On Purpose?

Pay more for coffee? On purpose? Oh, the horrors! We in North America do like our deals on food and other things, don’t we! Why would anyone choose to pay more money for something that we can get for less elsewhere? We may even think it’s prideful to think one should purchase the higher cost […]

How to Make Your Own Mocha or Latte

Looking to save some cash this month? Trying hitting up Starbucks less and your kitchen more! Making your own mocha (or latte) is really simple. This is a Saeco espresso machine. French press coffee would be ideal if you don’t have an espresso machine, but regular coffee can work, too. Just make sure you use […]

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