Don’t Invite Your Girlfriends to Church


From the time I was fifteen until I was 35, I walked away from God. I didn’t lose my beliefs I’d been taught as a child, but I lost my faith. I still believed the Bible stories, I still believed God loved me—I just didn’t want anything to do with church or prayer or the… Read More

What We Did on Our Way to Debt-Free


My dad was vocal about one thing when it came to money. The first 10% went to the Lord. A wise man who has handled money well and enjoys a debt-free life, he made it very clear that earning a paycheck is by the grace of God, and God deserves a thank-you by way of… Read More

Child of Faith


Recently I attended a Sunday evening Catholic folk mass. It was like stepping back in time and enjoying a “peace” of my history. The stained glass of the windows. The robes of the priest and alter boys. The bells ringing during communion. The guitar player strumming chords. The smell of beeswax candles. The words of… Read More

An Amish Hymn


This is a hymn from Anabaptist Martyr Annelein of Freiburg who was drowned and burned in 1529 for her faith in God. Her words inspire me! What line stands out to you? Everlasting Father in heaven, I call on you so ardently, Do not let me turn from you. Keep me in your truth Until… Read More

The Conductor


It was a Sunday. And it was a Sunday I had taken off from my work as a Children’s Director, which made it an extra special day because I got to go to church with my family. The kids asked if we got to ride in the same car together, and I said, “Yes!” They… Read More

A Special Invitation | Part 1

A Lancaster County Buggy

I met my Amish friend Ruth (fictional name to protect her privacy) when I was researching A Gift of Grace, the first in my Kauffman Amish Bakery Series. When we first met, we visited for two hours in her kitchen, and I found that she was the most soft-spoken, warm, and patient person I’d ever… Read More

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