What Makes a Childhood Special? | Guest Post by Suzanne Woods Fisher

“Put the swing back where the children want it; the grass will grow back.” —Amish proverb I asked my Amish or Amish-raised friends this question: What made your childhood so special? Here are some responses to that question, in their own words: “The amount of quality time a family spends together. I was one of […]

Dating Daughters (and Sons!)

When I was a child I remember my mom telling me a story of her dad returning from a trip into town to buy groceries and other supplies. He bought each of the kids candy bars; there were nine of them. This was a personal touch that made each child feel loved and thought of. […]

Sweet Coffee | Guest Post by Suzanne Woods Fisher

*A week before Christmas, my daughter gave birth to Kaitlyn Paige, our first granddaughter. The best Christmas gift ever, ever, ever!  “A mother is a gardener of God tending to the hearts of her children.” Amish proverb In the Old Order Amish district in Indiana where Joe Wittmer was raised, the birth of a baby […]

That’s How I Feel About You | Guest Post by Rhonda Schrock

He’d wriggled and squirmed in anticipation of the event. Several weeks before, he’d received the news with gladness, happy that Grandma wanted him to come over during Christmas break. “Who will take me?” he’d wondered aloud, sitting beside me in a darkened auditorium. “Shall I walk?” I’d laughed. “Oh, no. Daddy or I can take […]

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