Back to School: Managing Expectations during Seasons of Change

My girl is headed back to school today. To. Day. She’ll be in eighth grade. Eighth. Grade. Do you sense my disbelief? Our summer was full of cheerleading practices, camps, vacations, church activities, family celebrations, spend-the-night company, and the list goes on. Yours may have looked the same. While many people mourn the end of […]

Radical Resolutions

It’s a new year. Again. I get tired just thinking about it. Of course everyone has made their resolutions and grand proclamations about how things will be different, better, healthier this year. It really is a time I don’t look forward to. Last week I mumbled something to myself (because if I said it out […]

Resolution: A Simple Life

I adore new years. There’s something about flipping the page on the calendar (yes, I still have a wall calendar) that gives me hope! I can accomplish the things important to me. I can make changes that need to be made. I can . . . I know I can. I don’t just make resolutions. […]

I Resolve to . . .

Yes, it’s that time of year. The calendar was flipped to 2013, and everyone in America (and I’m sure a few other countries) are making resolutions for a new year. Most everyone has a similar list. I even found one on the internet. Stop Smoking Get into a Habit of Being Fit Lose Weight Enjoy […]

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