6 Ways to Stop Busyness from Winning

The older I get the faster life goes by – or so it seems. The older my kids get, the busier I am. There are always activities or work or play dates to get to and to be picked up from. That’s in addition to my own activities. It’s a busy season of life and […]

I’m Too Busy to Be Too Busy for God

I’m busy, busy—dreadfully busy. . .  Most of us are busy, even the Amish. Personally, I’m grateful to be busy putting loads of store-bought clothes in my front-loading washer instead of hand-washing handmade frocks that hang on the line. But there’s something different about the intentionality and pace of their lifestyle and the hectic, hurried […]

Local Connections

The Amish stay close to home for the most part. They are born into a community and live their lives surrounded by family and friends. A cross-country move is not something they plan for or probably would experience. I’ve moved eight times in my life, often changing time zones to do it. I am about […]

3 Ways to Refocus When Life Feels Overwhelming

You know those days when the phone keeps ringing, the deadlines keep looming, and the voices keep getting louder? The days when the laundry piles are taking over the house and everyone wants to know what’s for supper and you wonder if you’ll ever be caught up with anything again? They happen to all of us. […]

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