Livin’ in the Summertime…

August is almost over and it’s back to school for my kiddos. As I sit here writing this blog post I am amazed by how quickly our summer went. The funny thing is that my kids were so excited for the first day of school! For the last few weeks or so my daughter has […]

Welcome Class

Welcome Class! I love autumn. Back to school! For me this time of year used to mean new shoes and lots of new crayons. But I’m a long way from the daily classroom now. And my only child is grown and in his last year of college. I don’t do back to school shopping anymore. […]

Back to School: 3 ways NOT to give in to peer pressure

Every summer, it happens. As day after glorious day of summer vacation dwindles, so does the time of our children’s summer “freedom.” Somehow the routines that we held so closely during the year have been forgotten, and it’s almost Thanksgiving break, it seems, that we feel like we’re almost back on track. Advertisers have been […]

Back to School: Managing Expectations during Seasons of Change

My girl is headed back to school today. To. Day. She’ll be in eighth grade. Eighth. Grade. Do you sense my disbelief? Our summer was full of cheerleading practices, camps, vacations, church activities, family celebrations, spend-the-night company, and the list goes on. Yours may have looked the same. While many people mourn the end of […]

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