Bridge Over Troubled Water

“And forever and forever, as long as the river flows…” —The Bridge, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow No doubt about it, there’s something romantic about a covered bridge. Sometimes called “kissing bridges,” many a kiss has been sought within the dim recesses, but romance isn’t the only fond memory. My husband’s grandpa once told us a story […]

More Misconceptions About the Amish

  Last January I wrote a post on general misconceptions about the Amish. It turns out I had misconceptions about some of the misconceptions, lol. Thankfully readers helped me sort some of those out. I’ve been thinking more about misconceptions lately, mine in particular. Mine show my ignorance. Or assumptions I don’t even realize I […]

Looking Beyond Stereotypes | Sarah Price

No matter when I happen to visit my friend Rachel, she always greets me with a warm smile and accepts a big hug from me. After all these years, she must be used to my “popping in” without calling first (bad habit of mine, I admit). When her children were younger, the house would not […]

Amish Baptism Classes

One of the best things about writing is the research I get to do. The internet makes this super easy in most cases, but it can still be a challenge. Still it’s fun to learn new things as I craft my stories. So when I run into a situation when I need more info, I pull up […]

Amish Life in Montana: 4 Steps Toward Slowing Down

Living in Montana for fifteen years I enjoyed being out of the flow of busy life. Montana is a destination. It’s not someplace people “drive through” or “stop by.” Life has a slower pace, too. Maybe because there is snow on the ground 6 months of the year. Maybe because the views of the meadows, […]

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