Fiction in the Works: Amish + Sunshine + Pies!

I have an Amish book coming out next summer … and it’s a pretty yummy book. I received an editorial note from my editor Kathleen at Harvest House. And you can guess what I’ll be working on for the next two weeks … edits. I had a few favorite parts in this letter from her: […]

Amish Baptism Classes

One of the best things about writing is the research I get to do. The internet makes this super easy in most cases, but it can still be a challenge. Still it’s fun to learn new things as I craft my stories. So when I run into a situation when I need more info, I pull up […]

Amish Youth Groups

In my current novel (the second in the Some Secrets-Wells Landing Series), the hero and the heroine are both the eldest children in their families. They have younger siblings and somehow get roped into serving as chaperon for his sister’s youth group. As I’ve researched the Amish, I’ve heard all sorts of things concerning youth […]

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