So to Honor Him … Bake an Amish Gift: Banana Bread

“Our finest gifts we bring/Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum/To lay before the King…” The Little Drummer Boy When I was growing up, I stood in my church’s Living Nativity scene. Every year, for four nights up to and including Christmas Eve, I dressed up as any character needed. Since we stood in half-hour shifts, we needed two Josephs, two […]

Unplug and Hug!

My Aunt Hester was a one in a million Kentucky cook. I only had her around until 1981, the year I was married, but I can still taste her fried chicken, her hot dog Coney sauce, her Red Velvet Cake, and most especially, her M&M’s cookies. We’re talking real people food here, family reunion food. […]

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