Where Have All the Amish Gone?


When I was in third grade, I started the year off in a Cincinnati area elementary school that has since been leveled. The school lives on in my memory, though, because of the amazing music teacher. Two songs he taught us, “The Wells Fargo Wagon” from The Music Man and “Jeannie’s Packing Up” from Brigadoon,… Read More

A Q&A with Amy Clipston about ‘A Mother’s Secret’


Amy Clipston’s new book, A Mother’s Secret, debuted in June. To celebrate with Amy, enter to win a copy of the book and also a Kindle Fire! Enter to win here!   What is A Mother’s Secret about? My new book, A Mother’s Secret, is the second in my Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel… Read More

A Chat With Sarah Price


Over the years I have read vast amounts of Amish fiction books. Recently, I have taken a much needed breather and now I have a right-hand woman who reviews for my blog. I have said I am semi-retired, but there are a couple of authors that I will come out of retirement for. One being… Read More

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Amish Circle Letters


“I charge you before the Lord to have this letter read to all the brothers and sisters.” I Thess. 5:27 (NIV) After my first baby was born in November 1985, I enjoyed getting mail. For several weeks, I could count on sweet cards congratulating my husband and me on the birth of our son. When… Read More

A Season of Change Giveaway: Meet Jacob, Natalie, and Pinecraft


Tomorrow – May 20 – is the official release day for A Season of Change, the first novel in my Seasons in Pinecraft series. You’ll get to meet my heroine, retired circus performer Natalie Bennett, as she searches for the dream of her heart: a family of her own. After her mother’s death, Natalie uncovers… Read More

Amish Neighbors


A few years ago while I was in Nappanee, Indiana, doing research for The Amish Bride, co-written with Mindy Starns Clark, I met an older Englisch woman working in a tourist shop. I asked her a few general questions and soon she was telling me about her life. The detail that stuck with me was… Read More

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