Past, Present, & Future

  “What advice or tip would you give to your past-self, present-self, and/or future-self?” Most of us at one time or another have said, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” Ah, it’s true: Hindsight is usually 20/20. So if I had the chance to go back and give myself advice what would […]

Chillax Mom! Taking Advice From My Son

A large truck was caught under a highway over pass. There were no injuries but emergency vehicles were on the scene. Everyone was trying to figure out how to get the truck unstuck. Traffic was creeping by along side the incident. A child called out from a passing car: Let the air out of the […]

Family Dynamics. Dynamic Family!

While I was in Michigan for Christmas, I was again amazed at how much all of us get along. The fifteen of us aren’t perfect. We each have our quirks and eccentricities . . . but we are all Believers and firmly stand on the knowledge that we all are uniquely created and designed in […]

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