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Submit a Guest Post

Thanks for wanting to join our friendship circle!

We welcome new friends into our virtual friendship circle. As you consider what you have to offer Not Quite Amish, read our Mission Statement and take time to read through our posts. Consider how your encouraging message can fit our style and bless our readers.

More specifically, here are our guest post guidelines:

  • We only accept original pieces that haven’t appeared anywhere else.
  • Guest posts need to be between 500-600 words.
  • You need to submit at least one photo to go with your blog post. Photos need to follow copyright law and should be high-quality and at least 700×500 pixels.
  • Think about the key topics and most read topics on Not Quite Amish when drafting your blog post. Our key topics are simplicity, sustainability, peace, overcoming chaos, community, and faith. Our most read topics are focused on simplicity, balance, joy, peace, how-to, Scriptural truth, recipes, crafts, simple living, saving money, travel, and general tips. Blog posts that highlight personal stories, with a practical application at the end of it, are winners.
  • Break up the blog post into paragraphs, headings, bulleted lists, etc. We want to make posts easy for our readers to scan. Also, make sure to bold any important sentences in your post.
  • Please include a 2-3 sentence bio with your post. This should tell us who you are and where people can find you online.

Please submit your guest post via the form below (if you have trouble using this form, send an email to caitlin -at- litfusegroup -dot- com). Once we’ve received it, we will review it to make sure it’s a good fit for our readers. Note that it may take us a few weeks to respond to you about your guest post.

We are thankful for you!

Not Quite Amish Team

  • Please paste the text or HTML version of your blog post here. Remember to include the URLs for any links in your post. Also, if you're using a picture from another source, please note the picture source (who we should credit) here too. Lastly, make sure to include a 2-3 sentence bio for the end of your post.
  • Please paste the URLs for any photos you'll be using in your post. Alternatively, you can email the photos for your post to caitlin -at- litfusegroup -dot- com. Please include the title of your blog post in the email subject line.