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Make the Most of Your Freezer!


  “Catherine, I guess you’ll have to ask the blessing tonight. God knows I’m not grateful for turkey hash, and I can’t fool Him.” The Reverend Peter Marshall on leftovers, A Man Called Peter. When I cook dinner, there are usually leftovers, and boy, can it be hard to sell those leftovers when the next… Read More

Spring Salad with Fresh Strawberry Vinaigrette


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. After a long winter of snow, cold, and ice I’m more than ready to be outside. I know spring has arrived here since the sandhill cranes visited the pond in back of us last week and everyone was out walking this past weekend in our… Read More

Five Questions to Answer Before Buying that Kitchen Gizmo

Kitchen timer isolated on white

My late mother-in-law was the queen of “As Seen On TV” shopping, especially where kitchen and cooking gadgets were concerned. If ever my husband and I were watching a commercial, and a new kitchen product or tool came on the screen, we could guarantee within about 90 days we’d end up with one of them. Because,… Read More

6 Tips for Cooking with Kids Amish Style


Did you know that children who eat at least five times together as a family are at a lower risk for poor eating habits, substance abuse, and perform better in school? You can read the full reports here. One of the things I admire most about the Amish is how they work together as a… Read More

Orange Muffins


In December we did the 21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes to help you celebrate the holidays with new tasty treats from our favorite traditions. That was my warm up for the real cooking of January. My son is home from college for three weeks. All the Christmas coking is fun, but it is the… Read More

10 Simple Steps for a Healthier You


It’s a week into the New Year and already people are hard at work trying to lose weight, get more exercise, or attain some other health goal that they’ve set for the year. Fitness centers get flooded with new members and the sale of “diet” foods and “diet” programs peaks. But does a healthier lifestyle… Read More

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