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4 Tips to Experience the Simple Life

Do you ever feel like you’re running from one thing to the next? Do you secretly yearn for some of the simplicity the Amish seem to possess? With all the running around we do in today’s society, it’s no wonder Amish fiction has taken off. It’s a form of escape for the over-processed world we […]

Simplifying Your Life

So often when I visit the Amish I think, “I want to live like that. I want a simpler life.” When I read an Amish book, it reinforces the things that I admire about Amish communities. And there are ways I can simplify my life: Walk somewhere instead of driving Eat at home Spend time […]

Farm Lit, Amish Lit

Over the past several years when editors asked me how to describe the Farm Fresh Romance series I was writing, I’d say it was something like Amish fiction—but not. I didn’t give that answer simply because Amish was popular and no one had a clue where my stories fit. I really do think there is […]

Family Projects—Time Well Spent

One of the things I love about the Amish is their family time. They worship together, play together, and labor together. It’s not at all uncommon for the whole family to work on a project. My husband and I have done our own projects with our kids through the years. Sometimes it was the whole […]

A Garden Interview with Nancy Sleeth

Nancy, you have been an advocate for backyard gardens. How did you get into gardening? I didn’t always love gardening. I grew up in the suburbs, and every spring my dad had a load of steaming mulch dumped in our driveway. It was the children’s job to shovel the mulch into the wheelbarrow and spread […]

How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Cool

Having a hot summer out where you are? Here, too! <click to tweet> I saw this crazy cool (pun intended) idea on Pinterest and figured I’d have to give it a try when my granddaughters visited. Our prime opportunity came when we celebrated the youngest one’s first birthday. Here she is checking out the water […]

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