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Back to School: 3 ways NOT to give in to peer pressure


Every summer, it happens. As day after glorious day of summer vacation dwindles, so does the time of our children’s summer “freedom.” Somehow the routines that we held so closely during the year have been forgotten, and it’s almost Thanksgiving break, it seems, that we feel like we’re almost back on track. Advertisers have been… Read More

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Road Trip | Tina Hamilton

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Your kids are finishing up with school for the summer and the whole family is in much need of a break. Road trips are always a good choice in the summer to see the country and spend quality time with your family. Driving to your destination is often less expensive than flying, but that does… Read More

Make the Most of Your Freezer!


  “Catherine, I guess you’ll have to ask the blessing tonight. God knows I’m not grateful for turkey hash, and I can’t fool Him.” The Reverend Peter Marshall on leftovers, A Man Called Peter. When I cook dinner, there are usually leftovers, and boy, can it be hard to sell those leftovers when the next… Read More

Delayed Gratification

The button for purchases on the keyboard. Online shop.

It’s spring and my mailbox is filled with catalogs offering warm-weather clothing, kitchen accessories, outdoor furniture, seeds, gardening supplies and farm equipment, among a multitude of other offerings. There’s a slight lull in January and February, but by March and April the barrage of slick advertisements is coming on strong, drawing buyers into pages filled… Read More

Supermarket Savvy


Beep. Beep. Beep. That’s the sound of food being rung into the cash register at my local grocery store. I’m exhausted from another busy day, and I can’t wait to get home and eat. Okay, I’ll admit it. What I’m really looking forward to first is the chocolate bar I picked up for the drive… Read More

Keeping it simple: Money matters and words from the heart

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Keeping it simple: Money matters and words from the heart Many years ago, I went through a Compass Financial Ministries small group study. There are many good resources out there on how to manage your money according to Biblical principles, but Compass helped me understand the “why?” One of the lessons was on how we… Read More

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