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What Does “The Committee” Say to You?


I’m Southern Baptist. We do a few things really well. You know, things like the Cooperative Program, fried chicken, and committees. We have committees for everything from arranging meals to Ziploc bags for the leftovers. Don’t get me wrong. Committees can do great things. People working together toward a common goal can accomplish huge tasks…. Read More

Living In God’s Presence


When I was growing up, my mother would tell me not to fill every minute of my day with noise. “You won’t hear God,” she’d say. “You can’t listen if you have background noise on all the time.” The example she used was constantly having music playing. But the truth was, I didn’t have music… Read More

10,000 Resolutions


How goes that New Year’s resolution you started? Do you even remember what you promised yourself you would do? I had lots of grand plans. I do every year. It’s a wonder I am not the healthiest, most spiritual, happiest, most well adjusted person you could ever meet. Because every year I lean into the… Read More

Do You Need Hope this Spring?


There is something magical about spring. Bulbs push through lingering crusts of snow to bloom. Frogs bring back their nightly serenade. Trees burst forth with new buds after being dormant for months, weathering brutal temperatures, fierce winds, and unrelenting rain and heavy snows. We’ve all struggled through winters in our lives. It seems we’ll never… Read More

Choose to Be Here Now


Spring has finally landed here in North Alabama. And I, for one, am incredibly thankful. We’re looking ahead to summer already. Anyone else? I tend to set lofty goals for what our summer will look like, what it will include, what we’ll do. I like to imagine we’ll eat lots of homemade ice cream and… Read More

18 Creative Ways to Pray for Others

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.28.49 AM

God and I talk all day long, but if I am honest, those conversations are about me, my husband, my kids, my immediate family, my work, and finances. That is an awful lot of ME going on. In the busyness of life I don’t take the time I should take to be in prayer for others and this world. If I am going to make changes… Read More

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