We were created to be party of a community, to live, and laugh, and love together.

Amish Auctions


It’s widely known that the Amish take care of themselves. In fact, their sense of community is one of the many things I admire about them. One of the most popular ways that they support each other and their community is through various types of auctions. A few weeks ago, Lynette Sowell told us about… Read More

Neighbors by the Numbers


One of the reasons we hesitate to meet our neighbors is the big unknown. What are they like? Will they like me? Will they be friends or foes? Your neighbors’ homes are about the same size, value and style as yours—but the conversations inside those homes may be very different than the ones happening around… Read More

Snowbird | Six Sights to See in Pinecraft, Florida


Snowbird—Six Sights to See in Pinecraft, Florida “So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go; To that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow.” Snowbird, Anne Murray We were blessed to be invited to a Sarasota, Florida wedding for our niece and her fiancé in December. The Monday ceremony was very… Read More

Church Shopping | Finding a New Faith Community


It’s the last Sunday of 2014. And my Christmas shopping is not quite over. There is one really important item still on my list to find: a new church community. Our move this year to New York has been an adventure and brought lots of changes. But one thing has not changed is my need… Read More

An Amish Christmas Pageant


All across the Amish community, children have been practicing for their Christmas programs. The following is from one such program. The children came out and lined up. They held large cards where the audience couldn’t read them. Together they recited: Bees can sting, oh, this is true, But bees can make good honey, too, And… Read More

Is it too late to have a Merry Christmas?


There are two days left until Christmas. In three days, the wrapping paper you are mulling over at the mall will be crumpled in a trash bag at the curb. The decorations you are so artfully crafting will soon be stashed on forgotten Pinterest boards. The gifts you are so carefully choosing will be declared… Read More

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