We were created to be party of a community, to live, and laugh, and love together.

I’m Too Busy to Be Too Busy for God


I’m busy, busy—dreadfully busy. . .  Most of us are busy, even the Amish. Personally, I’m grateful to be busy putting loads of store-bought clothes in my front-loading washer instead of hand-washing handmade frocks that hang on the line. But there’s something different about the intentionality and pace of their lifestyle and the hectic, hurried… Read More

Swartzentruber Amish | Karen Johnson-Weiner

Swartzentruber house, dup 024

I was asked once to talk about the Amish to members of a local church, and, as I debated how to help them make sense of what Don Kraybill has called “the Riddle of Amish Culture”[i], the answer hit me. The Amish don’t study their religion, read learned texts, or debate biblical scholarship. Theirs is… Read More

New York City—Surprised!


It’s not what you think. How many times have you been surprised by a stereotype? You hold a preconceived notion and it is contradicted by the reality in front of you. On the Fourth of July, my husband and I landed at JFK airport in New York. We watched the fireworks from our new (though… Read More

On not taking religious freedom for granted


The Amish are never far from my mind—even atop a double-decker bus in Paris. In late June, I was sitting above the streets of the City of Lights next to a woman from the Netherlands. She asked me what I did and when I told her I was a novelist who wrote about the Anabaptists,… Read More

A Bit About The Budget


Most anyone who knows about the Amish knows about their newspaper Die Botschaft, or The Budget. And I’m sure many of you have had the opportunity to take a look at an edition. If you haven’t, you are missing out! I love this charming newspaper. Charming. That’s the best word to describe it. Where English… Read More

I Just Live Here


The windows in your church may have been made in my hometown, or the glass you used to sip your orange juice this morning. I just live here. We’ve been manufacturing glass here since 1890, when the abundance of natural gas and sandstone made Lancaster, Ohio, a natural choice for factories that blew and pressed… Read More

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