We were created to be party of a community, to live, and laugh, and love together.

Girlfriends… In Real Life


It’s a safe bet there aren’t any Amish women on Facebook. Besides that whole electricity thing, how would they have time for it? O, Facebook—how did I ever live without you? I discovered it’s beautiful blue logo during a season when I was working from home. I was lonely and bored and I craved being… Read More

Tax Day


Today is April 15th, the day our federal tax payment is due. I suspect none of us really like paying. There are the lucky ones who will be getting a refund. I am not one of those folks this year. We had a big tax bill. I was beginning to grouse about paying when I… Read More

Shoe Cutting Party

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Red rover, red rover send your jeans on over! I recently returned from two weeks in Africa where I spent time learning about the incredible ministry of Sole Hope. What my eyes saw was certainly shocking and heart breaking. Poverty was plentiful, but while I was there, I was still very well aware of home…. Read More

What You Don’t Know About the Swartzentruber Order | Brenda Nixon

Amish Monroe

I have minimalists friends. They live and decorate their home sparingly. Don’t subscribe to the newspaper – read it at our public library. I respect people who try to live simply or resist over-scheduling, over-technology, and over-abundance. Those who live off the land are my favorite. My grandpa retired from a factory to become a… Read More

Front Yard Friendships

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  One sunny morning, loyal dog at my feet and hot coffee in hand, I sat in my favorite spot with my Bible and journal and wrote: “I’d like to share what I’m learning with other people.” The journal was soon filled with dozens of different ideas, topics and verses the Lord and I explored… Read More

Make New Friends


Made new friends but keep the old One is silver and the other gold Do you remember this tune? I used to sing it at Girls Scout camp. It has been years since I thought of it. But I was reminded of the words this week. One of the ladies from my knit circle is… Read More

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