The Power of Simple Thanks


Last weekend we had an ordinary Saturday, starting with granddaughter Sugar Lump’s first Easter egg hunt. We gathered with hundreds of varying sizes of cuteness along with their parents and grands, straining to hear the countdown. At the right time, we surged forward, gently, with the others. We had no expectations of how many eggs,… Read More

What Does “The Committee” Say to You?


I’m Southern Baptist. We do a few things really well. You know, things like the Cooperative Program, fried chicken, and committees. We have committees for everything from arranging meals to Ziploc bags for the leftovers. Don’t get me wrong. Committees can do great things. People working together toward a common goal can accomplish huge tasks…. Read More

Tax Day


Today is April 15th, the day our federal tax payment is due. I suspect none of us really like paying. There are the lucky ones who will be getting a refund. I am not one of those folks this year. We had a big tax bill. I was beginning to grouse about paying when I… Read More

Shoe Cutting Party

title slide

Red rover, red rover send your jeans on over! I recently returned from two weeks in Africa where I spent time learning about the incredible ministry of Sole Hope. What my eyes saw was certainly shocking and heart breaking. Poverty was plentiful, but while I was there, I was still very well aware of home…. Read More

What You Don’t Know About the Swartzentruber Order | Brenda Nixon

Amish Monroe

I have minimalists friends. They live and decorate their home sparingly. Don’t subscribe to the newspaper – read it at our public library. I respect people who try to live simply or resist over-scheduling, over-technology, and over-abundance. Those who live off the land are my favorite. My grandpa retired from a factory to become a… Read More

Living In God’s Presence


When I was growing up, my mother would tell me not to fill every minute of my day with noise. “You won’t hear God,” she’d say. “You can’t listen if you have background noise on all the time.” The example she used was constantly having music playing. But the truth was, I didn’t have music… Read More

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