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Relax . . . It’s Friday Afternoon!

Has it hit you yet? The sense of urgency? Of the holidays beginning and already leaving you behind? The scariest thing I saw on Halloween was holly garlands and a Christmas tree in the mall. Frightening! Many of us bemoan this rush of holidays in the fall. What’s a crafter to do? I did write […]

Sweater Weather

It happened last week; there was a nip of fall in the air. I stepped out for a morning walk, and I needed a sweater. Ah. Of course this is California, so by the time I got home I had removed the sweater. And by early afternoon it was 80° again. Bummer. I want autumn […]

Christmas is Coming—The Knitter’s Getting Stressed

Earlier this month Teri Lynne shared a post mapping out a great plan of action for the upcoming holiday season. It was thoughtful and full of good advice. If you missed it, here’s a link so you can reread it. The very day I read her post I had purchased my first stocking stuffer of […]

Keepin’ My Cool With Knitting

The recent heat way in the West kept many folks inside, poolside, or beside a fan. When the weather changes, so does life. It’s too hot to bake, too hot to exercise, and too hot to knit. Wait a minute, I can’t give up my knitting! I know the thought of wool in your hands […]

Wrapped In Love (Plus a Giveaway)

Knitters have to plan ahead. When you are expecting a baby, knitters are expecting a few months to whip up a blanket, booties, and a cardigan. When they want to create unique Christmas gifts, knitters have to start by Halloween. Knitters are the ones working on sweaters in the July heat or socks on an […]

Quilting for Beginners

I’ve been signing books at quilt shows in Texas. It’s so much fun! I love being around these ladies who are committed to continuing this time-honored tradition. All of my books have quilting in them. One entire series (my Shipshewana Amish mystery books) are set in a quilt shop. But the truth is that I’m […]

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