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Using every scarp of your supplies. Being a good steward of your resources. Living frugally without extravagance. These are all very Amish traits. I have been putting these ideas to use while attacking my yarn stash. Time to knit with what I have! As a sock knitter, I am forever trying to come out even… Read More

Thank You For Knitting!


Happy Thanksgiving Day! Have you been counting your blessings today or just eating way too much pumpkin pie? Teehee. I started counting my blessings and the usual nice things came to mind. My health is good. My family is fine. My basic needs are being met in sufficient ways. Hooray! I am a blessed daughter… Read More

Relax . . . It’s Friday Afternoon!


Has it hit you yet? The sense of urgency? Of the holidays beginning and already leaving you behind? The scariest thing I saw on Halloween was holly garlands and a Christmas tree in the mall. Frightening! Many of us bemoan this rush of holidays in the fall. What’s a crafter to do? I did write… Read More

Sweater Weather


It happened last week; there was a nip of fall in the air. I stepped out for a morning walk, and I needed a sweater. Ah. Of course this is California, so by the time I got home I had removed the sweater. And by early afternoon it was 80° again. Bummer. I want autumn… Read More

Christmas is Coming—The Knitter’s Getting Stressed


Earlier this month Teri Lynne shared a post mapping out a great plan of action for the upcoming holiday season. It was thoughtful and full of good advice. If you missed it, here’s a link so you can reread it. The very day I read her post I had purchased my first stocking stuffer of… Read More

Keepin’ My Cool With Knitting


The recent heat way in the West kept many folks inside, poolside, or beside a fan. When the weather changes, so does life. It’s too hot to bake, too hot to exercise, and too hot to knit. Wait a minute, I can’t give up my knitting! I know the thought of wool in your hands… Read More

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