See Our Earth through Little Eyes

Our kids and grandkids will inherit the Earth God created for humankind to enjoy. How many of us take the time to see the natural beauty He made? And if we don’t see it ourselves, how can we share it with the little ones in our life, helping them to appreciate and treat it with […]

Farm Lit, Amish Lit

Over the past several years when editors asked me how to describe the Farm Fresh Romance series I was writing, I’d say it was something like Amish fiction—but not. I didn’t give that answer simply because Amish was popular and no one had a clue where my stories fit. I really do think there is […]

How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Cool

Having a hot summer out where you are? Here, too! <click to tweet> I saw this crazy cool (pun intended) idea on Pinterest and figured I’d have to give it a try when my granddaughters visited. Our prime opportunity came when we celebrated the youngest one’s first birthday. Here she is checking out the water […]

Gardens and Trowels and Seeds, Oh My!

Have you noticed the new lifestyle trend where everyone wants to grow some veggies? It’s now considered more IN to have heirloom tomatoes growing in a planter on your apartment balcony than to own the latest designer handbag. More folks are perusing seed catalogues and bedding plant nurseries than ever before, itching to get their […]

Recording Your Family Legacy

Who are all those people in the old photographs? Why did Grandma save handkerchiefs with hand-crocheted hems? Who can translate this letter, dated in the 1940s and written in German? If you, like me, have discovered a trove of what might be treasure—but who really knows for sure?—what can you do to discover its worth? […]

10 Spiritual Lessons from Gardening

Gardeners and farmers live in tune with the seasons. We’re intimately acquainted with the life cycles of food and how it arrives on our tables because we’re involved in every step. Here are ten ways gardening parallels spiritual truth. 1. Prepare the soil. A random seed scattered here or there isn’t likely to grow, just […]

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