3 Ways to Embrace the Holy during the Holidays

I’ve hit the wall! I get here every year—that point where there is more to do than time to do it and I have to make a choice between holidays and holy days. Maybe you know what I mean? It’s easy to get lost in all the doing and baking and wrapping and hugging and miss […]

Choose Moments Over Mayhem

Christmas is less than six weeks away. We are officially in that time of year I refer to as “Madness and Chaos.” Every year I promise myself not to get swept up in the insanity. But somehow, no matter how much I plan and prepare for a calm Christmas season, the crazy seeps in. Maybe […]

3 Ways to Slow Down on the Busy Days

I just finished reading {again} The Big Sky series by Tricia Goyer. Marianna Sommer is one of my favorite characters ever. I relate to her desire to find that elusive blend of hard work and stillness in daily life. My days are full of things to do, projects to complete, places to be, and people who […]

Choose Life

Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm screams into the peacefulness of sleep. My eyes unable to focus and my body crying out for just a few more minutes of sleep. I roll over and hit the snooze. Nine minutes later, the piercing noise again interrupts the silence of a slumbering house. This time, I get up. Not […]

When Life Brings the Unexpected

A few weeks ago something major happened in my life. Something totally unexpected. Something totally life-changing. On April 27, 2014, I had a heart attack. I’m 42 and had absolutely no risk factors or warning signs. I’m not overweight and I don’t smoke or drink. I don’t have high cholesterol or blood pressure. I have […]

What Does “The Committee” Say to You?

I’m Southern Baptist. We do a few things really well. You know, things like the Cooperative Program, fried chicken, and committees. We have committees for everything from arranging meals to Ziploc bags for the leftovers. Don’t get me wrong. Committees can do great things. People working together toward a common goal can accomplish huge tasks. […]

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