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Nancy Sleeth, Author at Not Quite Amish

Mushroom Soup Around the Table

Soup is my go-to meal both for weeknight dinners and for feeding a crowd. This foolproof recipe serves 4–6 (depending on whether you have teenage boys in the household!) but can easily be doubled or tripled. If desired, adapt for (or keep warm in) a slow cooker—so you can prepare earlier in the day and […]

Homewarming with Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Serving soup, salad, and bread is one of the easiest (and most flexible) ways to feed family and friends. Most soups taste even better the second day, so plan for leftovers. If more people show up than expected, you can always expand the soup with a bit more stock. For a heartier meal, offer grilled […]

A Garden Interview with Nancy Sleeth

Nancy, you have been an advocate for backyard gardens. How did you get into gardening? I didn’t always love gardening. I grew up in the suburbs, and every spring my dad had a load of steaming mulch dumped in our driveway. It was the children’s job to shovel the mulch into the wheelbarrow and spread […]

Getting Dirty with Jesus

It’s summer, and once again my fingernails are a wreck. I’ve got a quarter-inch gash hanging slanted off my pointer finger cuticle, like a bloody Q sign. My left thumb looks like it got into a fight with a mallet and lost. (It did.) The dirt under my fingernails is about to sprout mushrooms. Yeah, […]

What Good is a Garden?

While relaxing on a friend’s back porch over a spicy vegetarian stew and homemade bread, the conversation turned, naturally, to food. Everyone around the table expressed concern over how much junk food kids eat and how little time children spend outdoors. Our host said she watches every afternoon as a group of elementary schoolchildren heads […]

If Only It Were That Simple

The Amish have a saying: If your house is cluttered, your hearts are too. Many of us feel weighed down by too much stuff—things that are purchased on impulse, paid for with credit. Keep stuff out When we moved to the town house, we saw it as another chance to donate things we no longer […]

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