Whose Made Stitches on Your Life Quilt?

One of the things I admire about the Amish is the way they incorporate extended members of the family into the lives. As Mother’s Day draws near, I’m reminded of all the woman in my life that helped shape the person I’ve become. While my mother is high on that list, there are so many […]

Do You Need Hope this Spring?

There is something magical about spring. Bulbs push through lingering crusts of snow to bloom. Frogs bring back their nightly serenade. Trees burst forth with new buds after being dormant for months, weathering brutal temperatures, fierce winds, and unrelenting rain and heavy snows. We’ve all struggled through winters in our lives. It seems we’ll never […]

6 Tips for Cooking with Kids Amish Style

Did you know that children who eat at least five times together as a family are at a lower risk for poor eating habits, substance abuse, and perform better in school? You can read the full reports here. One of the things I admire most about the Amish is how they work together as a […]

How to Simplify Your Life, Amish-Style

One of the things that most attracts me to the Amish is the seemingly simplicity of their life. They’re not running to and fro, juggling sport practices, errands, scheduling car maintenance, hair appointments, date night, careers outside the home, interviews . . .  are you getting a picture of my week? I’m guessing it looks […]

21 Days of Family Favorite Recipes-Day 13 Molasses Sugar Cookies

Do you have that one recipe you must bake or it simply isn’t Christmas? Me, too! There’s just something about cookies. No matter how many wonderful desserts there are out there—cakes, pies, pumpkin and jelly rolls, brownies, cheesecakes—though I love to bake and eat them all, there’s nothing quite like a cookie still warm from […]

Canned Cream Soup Replacement: From Scratch Holiday Cooking

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is going to be a whole lot of baking and cooking in America’s kitchens, if you haven’t started already. I made and froze all of my pie crusts (my great-grandmothers flaky pastry crust is amazing) ahead of time last week, so I only have to thaw them for an hour […]

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