A Love Letter to Winter

Dear Winter, Thank you for the lovely holiday season. I especially enjoyed the quiet snow falling on Thanksgiving. It made the whole day soft and left the world crystal bright and sparkling. I love it when you do that. The ice storm last week, however, was a bit much. Yeah it was pretty but some […]

Snow, Keeping my Perspective this Winter

I shoveled my driveway for the first time and it made me smile. Allow me to explain. This fall we moved from California to New York. Though I grew up in snow-covered states, it has been years since I lived through a winter with any weather I had to shovel. So snow is still fascinating […]

Church Shopping | Finding a New Faith Community

It’s the last Sunday of 2014. And my Christmas shopping is not quite over. There is one really important item still on my list to find: a new church community. Our move this year to New York has been an adventure and brought lots of changes. But one thing has not changed is my need […]

Christmas Smells Like Good News

Christmas Smells like Good News! I love the smells this time of year! Spicy kitchens filled with baking cookies and holiday goodies. Crisp outdoor air wafting the hint of wood fires in cozy homes. Candles sending holiday scents throughout the house. But my favorite by far is the smell of spruce. It’s the fragrance of […]

Community, Making a Connection

I love to be around people. It fills me with smiles and good cheer. You would think since I know this about myself I would have taken more time to get connected to my new community. I have been busy settling our house and trying to make it a home. Unpacking all the boxes and […]

Sign Up For A Dream

Sign Up for a Dream I did it! I went kayaking! (Here’s a link to the post about trying something new this fall.) I have been holding onto the dream of kayaking for years now. And I finally had the chance to try it last month in Monterey, California. I attended a writing retreat and […]

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