A Simple Summer

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So after a LONG winter, we are knee-deep into our summer. Are you making the best of it? If you’re anything like me, around March I start putting together in my mind’s eye all the ways I’m going to simplify our summer. Slower mornings. More pancakes. Playing outdoors. Reading more. As homeschoolers we are always… Read More

Amazing Grace


Two months ago I shared with all of the NQA readers the story of my cousin’s child Grace. A short recap: Grace was born September 30, 2013 and by February was very ill with viral and bacterial meningitis. She was doing very poorly and needed much prayer. Her liver was failing and a liver transplant… Read More

Vella Shpringa


My husband is a runner. Really, he’s not just a passionate runner . . . but about running health and nutrition in mind to keep his body strong. He started competitive running a little over 3 years ago, and I’m so impressed with not just his improvement, but his drive and motivation. Since our move… Read More

A Miracle for Grace

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I personally do not feel that it is a coincidence that when I was scheduled to contribute a post I have a serious prayer need for one my Amish cousins.Out of privacy for the family, I’m not able to share every detail about this prayer need here’s what I can tell you… I don’t feel… Read More

Amish History: The Cold, Hard Facts


Since Promise to Return has been published, I have heard more often than anything else, “I’ve never given the Amish in this era any thought” or “I didn’t know the Amish were conscientious objectors” or “I didn’t know the Amish were allowed to be drafted.” These range of statements and many other questions have encouraged me… Read More

Family Dynamics. Dynamic Family!

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While I was in Michigan for Christmas, I was again amazed at how much all of us get along. The fifteen of us aren’t perfect. We each have our quirks and eccentricities . . . but we are all Believers and firmly stand on the knowledge that we all are uniquely created and designed in… Read More

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