When Something Good Happens

If my daughter will forgive me for talking about her feet . . . I have a picture from when she was an infant, with me holding up her daddy’s big sock next to her tiny sock. I thought that would change, but if we took the same picture today it would look no different. […]

21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes | Day 10 – Chicomando

  In the first week home from my great Africa adventure, I sat in my matriarchal spot at the table and announced to my family that I had brought home a very, very special recipe from Africa that we were going to try. The family waited with great anticipation to see what delightful food we […]

Your Story Is Thrilling

I’ve been teaching a class at church called PLACE, which helps people look at their lives so they can best decide how God wants them to serve grace to their church family. After the class, I do a one-hour private consultation with each woman, and the first thing I ask is, Tell me how you came […]

What Is Your Courage Efficiency?

Our good friends bought a Prius, and for several weeks, every time the guy saw us he would gloat about his gas mileage. Fifty-six miles to the gallon this week, he would say. We would roll our eyes in exasperation, and he would just smile. Did I mention I got 57 miles to the gallon […]

Can There Be a “From Scratch” for a Working Momma?

For twenty years I was a stay-at-home mom, until a few months ago when I landed a part-time job as a part-time Spanish teacher. So I plan lessons all morning, teach all afternoon, and when I come home this lanky teenager of mine says, “Hi, Mom. What’s for dinner?” I’ve barely kissed him on the […]

What We Did on Our Way to Debt-Free

My dad was vocal about one thing when it came to money. The first 10% went to the Lord. A wise man who has handled money well and enjoys a debt-free life, he made it very clear that earning a paycheck is by the grace of God, and God deserves a thank-you by way of […]

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