Shoe Cutting Party

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Red rover, red rover send your jeans on over! I recently returned from two weeks in Africa where I spent time learning about the incredible ministry of Sole Hope. What my eyes saw was certainly shocking and heart breaking. Poverty was plentiful, but while I was there, I was still very well aware of home…. Read More

18 Creative Ways to Pray for Others

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God and I talk all day long, but if I am honest, those conversations are about me, my husband, my kids, my immediate family, my work, and finances. That is an awful lot of ME going on. In the busyness of life I don’t take the time I should take to be in prayer for others and this world. If I am going to make changes… Read More

Vocation Changes

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In this month’s, Ask A Life Coach, we look at a question from one of our readers. R.F. asks: “I have been struggling for the last year with my work life. I believe I am called to ministry in some capacity, but not sure what. When I share this call with friends, they tell me I should… Read More

5 Tips to Creating Resolutions with Resolve

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Monthly we visit a series called “Ask a Life Coach.” As a certified Life Coach and contributor at NQA, Carey C. Bailey will respond to your questions. If you have a question you can submit it here. E.W.  asks: Each year I am determined to set goals, or some might call them resolutions, but every year only a… Read More

21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes | Day 4 – Cheesecake

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Love cheesecake? This is THE BEST and THE ONLY cheesecake recipe you will need for the rest of your life. Serious! I have been making it for fifteen years and have even had it requested by the Governor of Arizona. It is tweaked mildly from The Peach Tree Family Cookbook, but, I am telling you, do not… Read More

4 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday

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This month in our “Ask A Life Coach” segment M.V. asks: “Every year I have high hopes of making the holiday’s stress free and every year I fail. Is this really possible and if so how?” Ohhhh, M.V., is there anyone out there not thinking about this right now? Thanksgiving is a week away and… Read More

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