Self Care | You’re Not An Anorexic, But Your Life Is

As 2014 begins to wrap up I naturally reflect on living into my God-sized dream this past year. It causes me to remember these words: “You’re not an anorexic but your life is.” Words spoken to me over 12 years ago by my therapist. While that may seem like along time ago to you, it […]

Simplifying Our Choices

We desire peace, balance and simplicity. But do the choices we make daily reflect the internal desire of our heart? I believe most of us desire to make good choices surrounding our relationships, our health and our time but the reality is we live in a world that tempts us with junk, and if you […]

How To Stop Drowning in Your Day

Here we are reading a blog all about simple living and choices but in all honesty how does your day feel? Does it feel simple or busy? If you answer busy please know you are not alone. I often hear in a first session with a client: I reach the end of my day and […]

3 tips to avoiding the Summer Grumps

I was a first born, rule-following, kid. IF by chance I didn’t follow a rule, my conscience talked to me so loudly that I would run to my mama with tears in my eyes and spit out a blubbering confession (ex: the time I shaved my legs on a dare at a slumber party in […]

Getting a Refill on your Cup of Joy

Last week was a rough week. There were plenty of logical reasons why. I had been traveling the week before, my kids were off their routine, my husband wasn’t feeling awesome, and I had started a new workout routine. I have to just face the facts that exercise . . . especially butt-kicking exercise . […]

You Are A Life Giver

It is two minutes till midnight, and I am a full hour past my self-professed bedtime. I wander into my kids’ bedrooms, re-cover them, give them a kiss, and linger a bit to feel their soft baby skin. I never want the pre-bedtime ritual to disappear. As I stand there my mind rewinds through our day. Was it […]

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