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About | Not Quite Amish


Welcome to Not Quite Amish.

Our lives are busy. We’re constantly connected to our phones and computers. Social media updates us on the news around the world. The minute we open our inboxes on Monday mornings the burden of doing more, being more, hits us. Disconnecting and simplifying is hard to do, but I wanted to create a community where we encouraged each other to do just that.

Hello, my name is Tricia Goyer. I am an author of nearly 40 books, both fiction and non-fiction. (You can learn more about me here.) With the publication of my Big Sky Amish series and The Memory Jar, I felt drawn to start an online community for women who love Amish influences, simple living, and vintage style, and who have a desire to be in growing relationships with friends, family, and God. I shared my idea with a few of my friends who are Amish fiction writers, Amish experts and Christian Living bloggers … and Not Quite Amish was born.

The site will feature daily posts about recipes, repurposing, simple style, beautifying your home, book chats, sewing and knitting projects, wisdom, Scripture, Amish proverbs, and Q&As with Amish and former Amish (among many other topics). It is my hope that readers will join the conversation and submit ideas, questions, and posts for topics they’d like to see on Not Quite Amish.

As the Bible says, “LORD, you will grant us peace; all we have accomplished is really from you” (Isaiah 26:10). My ultimate goal is that you may find peace in your life and that you will draw closer to the Prince of Peace.

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