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Life Is Good In The Summer | Not Quite Amish

Life Is Good In The Summer

Are you enjoying summer? I am basking in the delightful sun and love having no set schedule but the one I make. Before we know it school will be starting (my kiddos already got their schedules!) and we all will be rushing around again. Well, at least that’s how it feels in my house. I will be extra sad to see summer go this year because it has been an all-around fun one. Life is slower and more relaxed in June, July, and August. Right? I think a few people will agree with me for sure. You take your vacations, or in my case “staycations”, grill out a few nights a week, and sit alongside the pool. Sigh. Life is good in the summer. I am going to throw in that I prefer water balloon fights over the pool though. (I am NOT a swimmer!)

I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures that I have posted on Instagram of my summer so far. I enjoy snapping random pics of life. Be it a little critter who visits my backyard or something else I find intriguing, I click away. Some I post and some I keep just for me.


First of all, summer doesn’t feel like summer until I have a juicy ripe peach. I mean come on. Seriously! Don’t these beauties look lovely? We take peaches seriously in my neck of the woods. Very seriously.


I visited with this here peacock at the flea market. So pretty! Raise your hand if you like flea markets? I do!


Umm…just so you know I didn’t eat all of these donuts but came pretty close to doing so. My purchases were forty percent off since it was a Saturday night. Score! On a side note, I didn’t indulge until the next morning because I ate too much chicken.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.09.39 AM

A new baby was born in my neighborhood and I must say she/he is beautiful. Horses are such magnificent creatures.


We ventured to the big ol city of Columbus in June. This awesome little gem is called The Book Loft. Such fun times I have when perusing books stores. I could stay in here for a very, very long time.


One must eat after book shopping so our restaurant of choice was Schmidt’s Sausage Haus. They serve world famous sausages and my daughter swears she could eat her weight in their applesauce if I let her. This is the sign on the front door welcoming you in.

How are you spending your summer? I hope your days are being filled with gorgeous blue skies, lots of fun adventures, firecracker popsicles, and s’mores.

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  1. Barbara Holton says:

    I hate summer too! Nearly six months of it is far too much for me, 105-120 degrees! Oh, it’s “a dry heat” which does make it more bearable in a way. It’s desert here, shades of brown with a bit of green thrown in. Ugh. Spring used to be my favorite season when I lived in Illinois and Pennsylvania but now the 5 minutes of spring just mean the heat is coming. Winter…it’s glorious here but bringing snow birds by the thousands. My fiancé and I are planning on leaving Arizona behind and returning to the green of the Midwest. After all this heat I welcome snow! Long sleeves, jeans, jackets, coats, sleeping under a pile of blankets…bring it on!

  2. I was going down you page here and saw the picture of the bookstore and I thought that looks familiar and it was the 35 or 38 room book store in columbus. I lice in New Carlisle Oh and have been there often,also to schmidts. nice surprise.

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