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Hospitable Kitchen {Plus a Giveaway!}

Hospitable Kitchen {Plus a Giveaway!}


Our kitchen remodel is finished! Back in April the demo began and in May I shared a little bit of how not having a kitchen impacted my world. (Here’s the link if you missed it!) Now that this project is over, it’s a little like childbirth, I’ve forgotten how hard it was. And also like childbirth, I have a terrific result I want to show you. Teehee!kitchencollage

We updated our kitchen mostly for the resale value. But I discovered I also wanted a comfortable heart to our home. I missed our kitchen, and now that I have moved back in I realize how true it is. I love having a center to our house, a place where family can gather.


Last Sunday our extended family came over to see the new kitchen and join us for our first dinner party. I was thinking of all the details: Is the chicken done? Do I have enough napkins? Did I make enough veggies? I need flowers for the table! Then I remembered my own best advice. In fact I wrote a book about it, Come On In, Taking the Hassle Out of Hospitality. The message of the whole book is:book_hospitalityL

Hospitality is about your guests, not your clean house or what you offer them to eat.

It’s YOU and your GUEST nothing more is actually necessary. The trick to hospitality is to be there for your guests and enjoy their company. That’s it.

I relaxed. My family was there to help me celebrate a new living space. After all, they had listened to me complain about the process, and even fed me dinner once in a while we had no kitchen. It was my turn to say thank you and treat them. We had a lovely evening. It was so nice to catch up. We rarely can all get together at the same time.

This experience has been a great reminder that my new kitchen is not about the fancy light fixture I love or the built in desk by the window. Nope, my new kitchen is about feeding my family love in heapin’ helpings!

Is the kitchen the heart of your home, too? How do you extend hospitality to others? Share in the comment section for the chance to win a copy of Come On In, Taking the Hassle Out of Hospitality.


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  1. Shirley Chapel says:

    The kitchen here is mama’s room. Without the kitchen it’s care yours or calls for pizza pickup or deliveries . My kitchen has seen 32 years of meal making plus more for who ever lived here before us. I spend many hours in there. It’s my home within the home

    • I love your thought that your kitchen is your home within your home. Beautifully put. I feel the same about my kitchen. I haven’t had 32 years of making meals though. I have a a few more to plan to make it that far! teehee Enjoy your home today.

  2. Kathy Colby says:

    Congratulations on your new kitchen ! Yes, the kitchen is definitely the heart of our home. I love to cook and bake, and to me, if you enjoy working in your kitchen, as I do, hospitality follows. I have a keurig on the counter and last fall/winter when I had visiting nurses as I recovered from a heart attack, I could do very little in the way of elaborate hospitality. But guess what ? I still had my seasonable tablecloth on and the Keurig warming. I offered those nurses a cup of fresh brewed coffee in their choice of flavor to warm them body and soul for the road. I am sure they felt the hospitality in my home. Thank you for offering the chance to win your book. God Bless.

    • What a great way to recover, with the warmth of hospitality round your own table. You discovered the cool thing about hospitality: that doesn’t take much, and yet the rewards are great. Your health is better and you made all those nurses happy and warm. Nice.

  3. I love the reminder that entertaining is about enjoying your guests. I get caught up in overdoing the menu and cleaning the house.

  4. Nice kitchen. Enjoy it.

    • Thank you. So far so fun. I practically live in our new rooms. We’ve had two lovely extended family gathering already. It’s so nice to have space to come together.

  5. I am working on getting our house to the point where I feel comfortable having people over.

    • I had a house guest during our kitchen remodel and it about killed me. I wanted to cook and entertain and be the hostess with the mostess. I could not be. Come to find out my friend just wanted to visit and see me, not my new kitchen. Hopefully you will soon find that getting the house in order is second to enjoying your friends at home. It’s hard one for sure! We all want to put our best foot forward. Good luck.

  6. I’ve always felt that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I’m currently in an apartment, but that can’t stop me from being hospitable. Someday I would like to have my dream kitchen complete with a butler’s pantry.

    • My first apartment had a little galley kitchen but that didn’t stop me either. The heart of hospitality still still beats from a tiny kitchen. And ooo a butler’s pantry would be a dream!

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