Spring Makes My Heart Want To Sing!


Spring is creeping in. The trees are still rather bare but it’s coming … the burst of the next season. I see buds. Bright pink, green, and yellow flashes of color are all around. And after the hard winter we’ve had the change in the weather makes me want to sing. I’m not the only one with a song in my heart. Last week Laura Weymouth’s post was about singing her way home. You can find her post here. I have several hymns buzzing round in my head too. I didn’t just belt them out as I was going about my day; I took out my markers and began to play. Here are a few doodles to help you sing a tune of spring as well. I’d love to know what makes you sing this season!






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Lisa Bogart (64 Posts)

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  1. Cindy Batdorf says:

    I love this. You could sell these. What a wonderful visual songbook this would make, or for those churches that use the projector…could you imagine this coming up on the screen!

  2. Hi Lisa. Your song doodles are very good. I love to hear the birds sing. Early in the morning. But Summer, fall winter or spring, I like to listen to Christian music as I do my work. It’s really a way to praise our God! I have downloaded lots of albums to my Kindle Fire and filter my music through my Bose Speaker. Very nice.

    • You are far more organized than I am! Downloaded and ready. I often listen to the hymns in my head. teehee. But I agree with you Christian music is a great way to put a spring feeling in your day.

  3. Oh my word – wow! Those drawings are absolutely *gorgeous*! Do you have a favourite? 🙂
    Walking outside to be met by the sun on my face whilst breathing in the sweet smelling air makes me want to sing! The Lord’s creation is truly beautiful. <3

    Koko 🙂

    • Funny you should ask if I have a favorite…it’s always seems to be the one I did today. teehee I have been playing with my markers all week as spring continues to explode and it makes me very happy. So nope, no favorite at the moment. Just enjoying the season change.

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