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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Now it’s too late to send out your “I love yous.” That’s silly, of course not! Today—right now— is the perfect time to remember someone. Greeting cards of love can go out any and every day of the year. I enjoy surprising others with a note of snail mail. (I’ve written about it before. Check out these two posts from June and July.) Letters arriving in the mail happen so rarely anymore that people actually notice when you do it.

Several years ago when I was getting ready to attend the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference and was excited to see Liz Curtis Higgs was coming back as the keynote speaker. I had heard Liz speak at the conference several years before. I was tickled she was returning. I sent her a hand written note telling her I was eager to hear her speak again and let her know I was praying for her conference preparations.

The Mount Hermon Writers Conference is unique in that you get to sit with the speakers and faculty at meal times. The first evening at dinner I found myself at Liz’s table. I was so happy but a little tongue tied when she went around the table asking each of us to introduce ourselves. I barely got my greeting out:

I heard you speak last time you were here.

Lisa, I remember you. You sent me a card this spring.

You remembered that?

Sure I did. You took the time to write. You had to find a stamp. You had to go to the post office. Hardly anyone does that anymore. And thank you for your prayers

I blushed. I was happy she remembered me but more pleased I had encouraged her with love and prayer by mail.

Writing letters is so old fashioned it’s new again. You can make someone happy today too, even if you missed sending out Valentines yesterday. There is plenty of time to send an I love you by mail. Give it a go, I guarantee you will make someone smile and remember you.

Lisa Bogart

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  1. It wasn’t that long ago that I went to the library to take a computer class. I’d been to computer classes before but just didn’t bother with it. But after I retired I took this class and decided to use the computer. Of coarse now everything I do with the internet is on my Kindle tablet or iPhone . I rarely use the lap top anymore. Just so slow.
    I still put notes in my Christmas cards every year. Who knows. Maybe snail mail will become popular again.

    • Shirley, I love the instant connections of email and the computer offer too. It’s a wonder we lived so long without. teehee But I have to admit there is something so nice about sitting down to write a letter. I have to slow down and really think about what I am going to say. And I’ll confess I have a large collection of note cards! I”m rather obsessed with stationery. Glad you’ve figured out the computer and are friends with it now. Enjoy! Lisa

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