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The snow is piling up here in New York. I was even housebound for a day recently. After coming in from shoveling I made my self a cup of tea to warm up. And I reached for my honey jar. Back in 2013 this post, Soothed, appeared here on Not Quite Amish Living. It was a post about how to make a homemade cough syrup from honey, lemon, gingerroot, and cinnamon sticks. I made a jar immediately.

Back then a spoonful of this quieted my cough and eased my sore throat. In fact I made an extra jar, carefully packaged it, and sent it to my son away at college. He was a California Boy experiencing his second harsh Boston winter. I was sure he’d like this to ward off the chill after walking to classes. He liked it so much he asked for a second shipment as the winter wore on.

Since then I have kept a honey jar on my kitchen counter. I love a spoonful in my afternoon tea and when I have a sore throat it is very soothing, just as advertised. I like to put a spoonful or two in my morning oatmeal too. And sometimes I take a lemon piece out and eat it. Once it’s been sitting in the honey for a long time it gets soft and sweet like candied fruit, though still has the tang of citrus.

Since it’s still cold and flu season I wanted to point out this great idea to our readers again. Make a couple jars of this special honey soon, one for you and one for a friend! Such a lovely thing to have on your shelf.

Lisa Bogart

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  1. Good morning Lisa. How are you liking this winter so far? More snow on the way Sunday.
    Now for the question I have about this wonderful sounding homemade cough syrup. What is the shelf life. I can’t seem to keep lemons long even in my fridge. I’m wondering if the lemons go bad in this mixture? Does it need to be stored in the fridge. After slicing the lemons and ginger root do I need to make these pieces smaller?
    I hope that with all this cold and snowy weather we’ve been having that Mother Nature will get all of this out of her system and that in another month we will be seeing spring roll in.
    God Bless

    • All good questions. First. I am fairing just fine in this fridge weather. I am tired of shoveling though and not looking forward to doing it again this weekend. But snow softly falling is so pretty. Guess I’ll take the good with the bad.

      As for the honey mixture. Did you know they found honey in Egyptian tombs and it was fine to eat! Surprising. You don’t need to cut the pieces of lemon and gingerroot any smaller than the original slices. Once you put them in the honey they will last and last. I keep my jar on the kitchen counter so it’s handy to add to my tea, but I have a friend who keeps hers in the frig. I don’t think it matters either way.

      Hope you give this a try and it tasty. Enjoy.

      • Thanks Lisa. You bet I’ll try it. I like old fashioned remedies my grandparents used. Mom used to make mustard plasters when we had chest colds. They would loosen mucus in the chest better than over the counter medicines. Also she would make bread and heated milk poltises for boils which I had often as a child. That would really draw the poison out.
        Don’t work too hard out side shoveling snow tomorrow. Where we live they are predicting some freezing rain too. Hope that bypasses us.
        Like you on Facebook.

  2. Peggy Coy says:

    Could you please post a recipe for this? Some of us are recipe challenged. Thanks so much, in advance.

    • Peggy if you scroll up to where it says soothed in blue letters then click on that it will take you to the original post for this cough syrup. The recipe and instructions are there.

      • Thanks Shirley just what I would have suggested. I hope that helps Peggy. And as you can see it’s not an exact science. I will tell you if you put in too many lemon slices in it gets really runny. But the easy fix there is to put it all in a larger jar and add more honey. Good luck.

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