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Waste Not, Want Not | Bent & Dent Store | Not Quite Amish

Waste Not, Want Not | Bent & Dent Store


Have you ever been to a Bent and Dent store? If you find yourself traveling into Amish Country you can bet your bottom dollar that you will happen upon one of these unique stores. You must pop in and see what I am fussing about. The stores remind me of The Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You remember, it’s the place where the not so “pretty” toys end up. Poor little dears, all they wanted was to be loved. As does the box of oatmeal I purchased for a dollar. You see my oatmeal happened to be too ugly to grace a big box store shelf. Slightly imperfect but perfect for my wallet. I saved over 90 percent all because the side was dented in! How bout them apples?

Most consumers mistakenly believe that expiration dates on food indicate how safe the food is to consume, when these dates actually aren’t related to the risk of food poisoning or foodborne illness. Check out this article on CNN.com to learn more.

I used to be such a stickler for expiration dates on food. Then I became smart (chuckle) and did a little research. Did you know that most foods are absolutely fine to eat long after they reached their dreaded “expiration” date? I am not talking about fresh foods since we all know how hard it is to keep a banana for longer than two days and how quickly milk can sour. Pasta, candy, and coffee are some of the things I buy once they reach their final destination at the bent and dent shop. My aunt threw such a hissy one time about buying a pack of gum from a vending machine that was a month outdated. It’s still good! There is nothing wrong with it just like there is nothing wrong with the box of fruit snacks whose box was ripped. Fruit snacks that I purchased for a dollar. I see a dollar trend happening here. As I am writing this I am munching on a bag of granola (fresh until June) which cost $1.25. Jackpot! I do not claim to be an expert on food consumption or expiration dates so please read the CNN article I shared or do your own research to see just how wasteful we can be.


This is a picture of my loot. You can see where the boxes are slightly damaged and none of these purchases are expired. Grand total for the day was fourteen dollars (not everything I bought is shown).


Here are the candy bars I mentioned that were five for a dollar. Now I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than paying a buck ten for a Dove bar. That’s just plain crazy! Why buy one for a dollar when I can buy 5 for a dollar? I say buy the misfits and savor every bite. I like to give myself a little pat on the back for money saving abilities.

What do you think of my goods? Have I intrigued you enough to perhaps try a bent and dent store? If so, then my work here is done. I can go on to the next mission…

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  1. I loved this blog post! I learned something I never knew!

  2. Judy Smith says:

    Years ago Sears and Wards had special sections or stores for scratch & dent items. We bought many an appliance during those days. That dent on the side? The washing machine still worked as designed for many a year. When in Amish country we look for their discount stores and have always done well. Hubby looks for reduced-price meat at the local grocers which is used up or frozen for later use. Most recently I bought bags of Hershey’s Kisses – 50% off because the bags had Christmas decorations on them Half price makes them taste twice as good!!!! More years ago than I care to remember, my daddy said to watch the pennies, the dollars would take care of themselves. Tis true and hubby and I (49 years) still look for the best buys. Judy

  3. I am one that throws out after exasperation date. Will rethink what I throw away or how long it’s been outdated. I do however want to say that I’ve found that soda pop in the cans that is outdated could well be flat or stale when you get around to drinking it. Will check out CNN.COM.
    Thanks for this post Michelle. You always have the nicest post.

  4. Christine says:

    Where do I find a bent and dent store in Lancaster area

  5. In a lot of places, they’re called a damaged freight/damaged goods store. There was one about a mile from my college that I went to frequently – I always got the best deals. I have one in the city I live in, but unfortunately it’s up on the north side and I rarely go there – I only go there if I need dog food, since I get my dog food from a place a couple blocks from the store. Sometimes you get great products that you can’t normally get – I’ve gotten British-made ketchup and HP sauce (the American ketchup is much sweeter, and we don’t really have anything like HP sauce). My rule of thumb, however, is to stay away from anything requiring refrigeration – it looks fine, but you just don’t know what condition it’s been kept in or what caused it to end up there.

    • Sometimes you shaft to also watch your flour or oatmeal and that type of thing. You can get something known as the flour beetle. I’ve had that happen to me and I had to through everything out scrub my cabinets and call an exterminator to get rid of them. I’ve since bought a package of milk bones and found the same beetle in them and had to throw them out. You need to watch anything with grain in it since the Beatle layers her larva in grains.Flower and corn meal and oatmeal and that sort of thing. Get rid of all older boxes of thin type of thing or store them in your freezer. This what the exterminator told me so I’m passing it on.

  6. Coleen Raymond says:

    Shirley Chapel- Thank you for your comment about dry goods in “Bent & Dent” stores (love that name). I have been shopping in stores such as these for a few years now but I will not buy any dry good in boxes without bags (such as flour and pasta). I have, unfortunately, been plagued by weevils as well. But the savings on canned goods, day old bread, and other yummies still makes it worth my while.

    • Flea markets also carry scratch and sent things. I got 4 big chocolate bars for $1.00. They were very good. You can also find over the counter drugs there as well. They have a wide variety of stuff.

  7. Sylvia P. Lapp says:

    Quite amazing how “European” the Amish way of live is. Reading all this I am surprised because most of it is quite common knowledge in Germany today.

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