The art of yeast bread making

The dough is rising in a large white bowl

The scent of bread baking in the oven is probably one of the best aromas ever; one of the best tastes ever is a slice of homemade bread with a dollop (or dab) of butter. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

For the first few years of my early married life, I did battle with making yeast bread. A number of times, I tried and failed. Even with a bread machine, it was hit or miss. So I did what a lot of people do: I gave up. I left that to other people to do, like “real” bakers or the store.

Then in late 2013, my husband had to go on a no-iodine diet for 10 days. I never imagined iodized salt was in so many products! Or, it was hard to know which products had iodized salt in them and which didn’t. We prepared all our meals from scratch, something we try to do as much as possible anyway.

But there was the little matter of bread.

And, my hubby is a “bread man.”

Using the no-iodine cookbook his doctor referred me to, I rolled up my sleeves, bought more yeast than I thought I’d need, and rolled up my sleeves, determined to make him some bread. The cookbook the doctor recommended had a number of bread recipes, so I figured I would take the “simple white bread” recipe at its word.

First loaf? Not too bad. It was a little dense and dough-y. I already knew there’s an art to bread making. I tried not to over-knead the dough, and I was careful to make sure the water for the yeast was hot enough, but not too hot. After nearly two weeks, I’d learned how to make yeast bread. Finally!


Then, I tried to venture a little more into Bread-land. I found a recipe for overnight cinnamon rolls and it sounded easy enough. I love Pinterest, so I pinned this recipe. The cinnamon rolls turned out huge, delicious, and yes, they were easier to make than I imagined. If you’re hesitant to try a yeast cinnamon roll recipe, try this one. If I can do it, you can do it!

Now, I’d like to try making other types of bread besides simple white bread from scratch. Our local grocery store has a scratch bakery and we picked up a loaf of my new favorite thing in the world! It’s called three-seed bread, and it has flaxseed, sesame seed, and poppy seeds. So yummy and nutty tasting. It’s coarser than regular white bread, but amazing. I’m skimming through recipes now, to see if I can find one that “copies” the flavor and texture of the store bread.


The bakery also makes a sweet and nutty cranberry pistachio bread. Not quite a dessert bread, and not savory, but with a special taste all its own. That’ll be next on my “breads to make” list.

What’s your favorite scratch bread recipe? Do you have any tips for would-be bread bakers?

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  1. Sorry don’t bake bread unless zucchini bread counts. I usually buy my homemade bread from the Amish in Adams county , not far from here. At my age I think I’ll stick to store bought like I have for years. I do agree with you however. Nothing taste better than homemade white bread with a dollop of butter or margarine.
    Your rolls look very good also. Does calories count even looking at the picture.

  2. I love bake yeast bread! I just recently made some oatmeal cranberry dinner rolls with a hint of cinnamon in them. They were so good and hearty with a soup.

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