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Fiction in the Works: Amish + Sunshine + Pies!

Fiction in the Works: Amish + Sunshine + Pies!

I have an Amish book coming out next summer … and it’s a pretty yummy book.

I received an editorial note from my editor Kathleen at Harvest House. And you can guess what I’ll be working on for the next two weeks … edits.

I had a few favorite parts in this letter from her:

1. “I’m not asking for any huge changes.” <–this is something every author wants to read. Can I get and AMEN?!

2. “It’s a joy to read. You’ve got a flesh-and-blood heroine and the yummiest hero I think I’ve ever seen in Amish fiction. And glory, all that good eating…” <–I might have to get that quote framed for all the hard writing days.

The edits are for a book I’m co-editing with Sherry Gore, author of Simply Delicious Amish Cooking and her new release, Me, Myself, and Pie. The novel is part of a Pinecraft Pie Shop series. Our first book is titled Made with Love.


Our novel series is set in Pinecraft, Florida … an Amish community where 3,000 Anabaptists travel to every winter to escape the cold. As a duty, my family and I “sacrificed,” and we went to Pinecraft in January. Here are some behind-the-scenes looks at our book research.

 The story of our trip is in the captions!

Me, myself, and 10 members of my family in a 12 passenger van for the trip from Arkansas to Florida!



This was Chloe’s first trip to the beach in Sarasota. She was working on her non-tan in her carseat.

The kids had a blast on Mom’s “research” trip. (And it makes up for all the days when they have to eat peanut butter and jelly again because Mom’s under deadline.)

Two “plain” women on the beach. I bet you’ve never seen Amish women in flip flops, have you?

As part of my “research” I had to try out the food at Yoders. I give lunch two thumbs up!

And no meal is complete without homemade Amish pie!


Sherry Gore and I are excited that our book Made with Love will be out next summer! You know we’re a good writing match as co-authors when our names are almost exactly the same except I have an extra letter!

Edits should be done soon. Prayers for that are appreciated. And when we get a cover you’ll be the first to know!

Sherry and I with our daughters Leslie and Shannon!

Have you ever seen a lovelier clothesline?!

This laundry mat has clothes lines … but it also has a phone booth!

If you want to know more about Pinecraft you can check out Katie Troyer’s blog. Katie grew up Amish, and she lives in Pinecraft. Katie is 3′ 4″ tall. Here she is talking to some friends in Pinecraft in this photo.

Katie Troyer talking to friends.

Pioneer Trails buses bring loads of Amish south, starting in September. During the peak season 3-5 bus loads of Amish arrive every day.

I introduced myself to Katie and asked if we could have a picture together. She agreed!

I was excited to find Sherry Gore’s book in the gift shop! Maybe my novels will be in this store some day!

So have you ever thought about visiting Pinecraft?

If you do there will be PIE…

And this is Sherry’s pie, because in the Amish world you can’t have too much pie! 

So how about you? Would you like to visit Pinecraft?

Or … what other Amish communities would you like to visit? What would you like to see?

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  1. I love Amish Stories set in Sugar Creek Ohio. Although reading about stories set in Pinecraft Florida is nice to read in the cold winter months for those of us who do not get to migrate to Florida during winter. There isn’t as many Amish stories about Pinecraft as there are about Sugar Creek. I like to read any Amish story set in any surroundings.

  2. Debra Bearden says:

    Tricia, I love your books and Sherry’s too. Your blog was wonderful. I would love to visit Pinecraft, and maybe one day I will. Very excited about your and Sherry’s upcoming book.

  3. I would love to live in Pinecraft. Love your books.I just picked up Sherry’s book Me Myself and Pie. Some really good recipes. Can’t wait to read you and Sherry’s book. Sounds really good. Have a Blessed Day.

  4. Anita McIlveen says:

    I am planning to visit in August 2015, Lord willing. It would be wonderful to meet Sherry.

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