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It’s the last Sunday of 2014. And my Christmas shopping is not quite over. There is one really important item still on my list to find: a new church community. Our move this year to New York has been an adventure and brought lots of changes. But one thing has not changed is my need for a faith community. Finding a new church takes time. It can be frustrating since I can only go looking once a week. There are lots of choices in Westchester County. I have visited five different churches in the last few weeks.

Churches say all are welcome so I am taking the opportunity to go to different denominations. This will take even longer to find a place of worship, but I am going into houses of worship I might not otherwise visit. And seeing everyone out and praising the Lord on a Sunday morning is very comforting. I also get to hear lots of different styles of music and preaching. Funny thing, every Sunday I leave with a nugget of truth I can keep for the week. God finds ways to talk to me and give me his words of comfort and teaching wherever I choose to worship on Sunday morning. The search continues because I am not just looking for a place to worship God I am looking for a faith community I can connect with here.

I have not searched for a new church in nearly 20 years. And I didn’t realize how much I took my old church for granted. I knew the rhythms of our congregation. I was active in the community. I was comfortable with our style of worship. Though it’s hard to keep searching for a new place to belong, there are good things about being set adrift. I find I really listen as I participate in each new service. I am not “phoning it in”. Every church gives me a chance to find the holy in that place. I am mindful of what I am doing.

2014 brought many changes to my life but one thing is constant: the need for God to be in my life and me to be in a faith community. Finding my new church home is as important as finding the home where I eat, sleep and live every day. I will keep looking and know that God is the search with me.

How about you? How did you find your faith community?

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  1. We have been a member of our church for 30 years now. But when we moved to where we live now we did much the same as you are doing . Visit different churches. We chose the church we felt most comfortable with. I also think God will guide a person to the church He has in mind for them. Where He can use them to fulfill His purposes for that person.

    • Like you, I am trusting God to be in the driver’s seat helping me find a church. In the mean time as I search it’s interesting to find all different styles, architecture, music, sizes, etc etc etc.

      • Trust in God’s guidance. It has taken me several years to find the right Faith community where I live now. I have lived here 10 years.
        It is an adventure to explore and see the amazing ways God is glorified

  2. I, too, am currently looking for a faith community and I am not new to town. I left my previous church because it was headed in a direction I chose not to go. I miss not being “in community”. I find it difficult to church shop as I have a teenage daughter. It is hard to jump around from one church to another. My biggest problem is finding a church that promotes conservative values. I don’t want a rock band. I am looking for modesty among the women. This continues to be my goal in 2015. I am receiving much support and encouragement from Amish and Mennonite women that I have connected with even though I live in California.

  3. God is faithful! I am searching for a church in my community as well AND I am looking into multiple denominations! It’s interesting to me that others are doing the same (I tend to feel like everyone already has “their” church and that I’m the only one searching). 😛
    Looking forward to the coming year! 🙂

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