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How To Prepare Your Floors For Your Toddler

How to Prepare Your Floors for Your Toddler | Tina Hamilton

Mother helping baby boy walk up stairs

How to Prepare Your Floors for Your Toddler

New moms have a lot of things to worry about, and it seems like the older your child gets, the more you have to worry about. An age when moms become especially worrisome is during the toddler years. Their child is learning how to walk and becoming more independent, which can mean that the child is now being exposed to more dangers and potential accidents. One of those dangers is all the falls that your toddler will take awhile learning how to walk. Every child will take a lot of falls trying to figure this out and every mom wants to do everything she can do to make sure those falls don’t leave too much damage on their child.

Most moms probably want to cover their entire home in foam so that there is never any way for their child to get injured, but that is simply not practical. Moms want to maintain their beautiful home and its design while still creating a safe and secure place for their child to learn how to walk in. Finding this balance is possible in any home, and moms can make sure that their child has the freedom to walk around the home without being exposed to a lot of potentially dangerous obstacles. Here are a few things that moms can do to prepare their floors for toddlers.

Cover hard floors with area rugs

How to Prepare Your Floors for Your ToddlerHard flooring is great for many reasons with kids. It is easy to clean but still looks modern and expensive. However, hard flooring, especially tile, can be a very unkind surface for a falling toddler. Instead of giving up your hardwood flooring, you can consider laying down some great area rugs over the places where your child is often playing. Be sure to buy heavy rugs that will not be easily tripped over or wrinkled as you baby walks over them. This maintains the look of the home while still protecting your toddler.

Remove breakables from the floor

After the floors are covered with the appropriate padding for your toddler, moms must also think about what is left on the floors that the toddler could get into. Try to pick up everything off the floors that your child might trip over or that you don’t want to have broken. Parents should even consider mounting their TV to maintain their WoW cable service while their child walks around the home. Invest in cabinets that have doors that you can store other off limits items in. These small changes can help maintain your home and provide extra safety for your child.

Provide freedom to roam

Many moms want their child to stay within a tiny area in the home so that they can make sure that their child doesn’t get into anything he or she shouldn’t be in. However, as a toddler gains more confidence and wants to be more independent, moms should encourage their child to roam free throughout the home. As long as mom is watching and there are no obstacles on the floor, the child will be able to learn to walk with freedom and a safe environment. Moms can even try putting things for the toddler at their level, like a mattress on the floor and an easily accessible toy chest, to encourage this independence and growth.

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