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Simplifying Choices

Simplifying Our Choices

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We desire peace, balance and simplicity. But do the choices we make daily reflect the internal desire of our heart?

I believe most of us desire to make good choices surrounding our relationships, our health and our time but the reality is we live in a world that tempts us with junk, and if you are anything like me, you cave at least once a day in a place you were hoping to stand firm.

Today I spent the day making awesome food choices. Woo hoo me! I was tracking right on plan until dinner and then in a fit of “absolute starvation”, because my husband was late coming home, I grabbed the chips and salsa and dove in head first. Don’t you love how I blame it all on my husband?

Reality check! I was the farthest from starving. In fact 2 hours earlier I had just had a snack with the kids.

I knew he was running late so why didn’t I grab for my hunger distracters (drink a big glass of water, go brush my teeth or grab some gum to tide me over)? I didn’t want to. I wanted those chips and salsa to comfort me in my moment of dire hunger and extra 20 minutes of solo parenting. Plus, it was only supposed to be a few!!!

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I made the choice to eat the chips all by myself. No one forced me. It was my choice and as I sit here typing, with an overly full belly I regret, I think about the fact that tomorrow is another day and I will try again. But what will be in place to create change? What will stop me from tripping into Baskin Robbins tomorrow?

Good choices are a result of developed habits. Developed habits are a result of accepting Truth.

All the experts say it takes 21 days (some say 30 days) to create a habit. I don’t buy it. I don’t. I have tried that method. 21 days come and go and I pat myself on the back for the job well done for those 21 days and then jump right back on the old wagon. What I do believe is that if I woke up tomorrow and 110% accepted the truth that God is the best food and drink I will ever have (Matthew 5:6) and I lived out that truth in my day to day than I would never sneak into the candy aisle at Walgreens again. It is truth that will set me free.

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Maybe there are some personalities that can re-train their behaviors but for me I have to re-train my mind. The result will be choices that reflect my love for God.

For the next month we are going to push and prod on ourselves to make choices that are congruent with how God’s desires to renew our minds. I am going to focus on four main areas; food, social media, time, and self care.

You ready?

What choices do you want to be making in those four areas?


I want to be drinking 64 ounces of water a day. Is that a food?

Things to think about: What foods do you want to add or subtract from your day?

Social Media?

I want to spend no more than 1 hour Monday – Thursday on Facebook and zero time between 3-8:30 p.m. I want to hold true to my Social Media Sabbath Friday (3:00 p.m.) – Sunday (5:00ish)

Things to think about: What is your purpose on social media? Connecting, business, game playing? How much time in your day do you want to devote to it?

Self Care?

I want to wash my face and take vitamins. Seriously! I am 40 years old and I rarely take the time to intentionally wash my face or take my vitamins. MUST change.

Things to think about: What do you need to intentionally place in your day that cares for you? Bubble bath, book reading, more sleep?


I want to go to bed by 10 p.m. For the last threeish years as I wrote Cravings {the devotional} , launched a blog/website and then started a coaching ministry I have gone to bed around midnight (it is currently 11:14 p.m.) and my body and mind are ready to stop that.

Things to think about: Where could I use more time? Where am I wasting time? Where do I feel rushed?

What about you? What choices do you desire?

Maybe you want to exercise 3 times a week, maybe you want to stop playing Facebook games, maybe you need to plan a Girl’s Night Out? What are choices you would like to see yourself making?

Here is a printable worksheet for you to map this out on.

Habit: What habit do you desire to create? Value: What value do you hold that this habit connects with? Bible: What scripture will encourage you? Goal: What goal do you have in mind? 14 days in a row? 31 days? Reward: What can you tempt yourself with to stay motivated?

Choices Chart

Download from Google Drive here.

Choice Log

Daily accountability worksheet. Download from Google Drive here.

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Carey Bailey (29 Posts)

Carey Bailey‘s husband describes her as a woman who loves to dance around the living room in her pj’s, loves Blue Bell Pralines and Cream ice cream, loves her kids, and loves Jesus! This fun-loving mother of two also has a passion for helping fellow women discover ways to create a powerful relationship with Christ. She is the author of Cravings, an innovative 40 day devotional for busy moms that allows them to draw closer to the Lord in the midst of busyness. And the bonus is that is comes with a zero calorie cupcake.


  1. Carey we are all faced with temptations. For the most of us food is that big temptation. We have all good intentions but then the food calls out to us and we cave . We fall to see God’s door of escape he has opened for us so we can walk away.
    In the food category I would say I love French fries and deserts. I try not keeping them in the house,but then if I start to desire something sweet I bake that something. The only thing I can do is pray about it and ask the Holy Spirit to give me strength to walk through that door of temptation.
    On the exercise thing we have a Schwinn exercise bike in the family room and a nice tv but I rarely use it. Seems if I do than I make pledges to do this everyday but then if my schedule gets interrupted by say a vacation I never seem to get back at it. It takes a will of iron and a strong focus to be faithful to this.
    For the social media I haven’t caved into that yet. I should say that I did try Facebook for a few weeks but all I did was be on it constantly when dust bunny gathered everywhere. So I saw the door God provided as a way of escape for that one and walked through it. Even so I spend a lot of time blogging on these post and love it. But once I check them out in the morning the best thing to do is not go back to them until the next day. Those dust bunnies,are starting to make an appearance again.
    For doing something for myself I like to read. I haven’t had the chance all week because I’ve been very busy. But it is a very pleasant escape for a few hours. Also I try to do my devotions every morning and spend time with God. I do Christian Bible book studies in the evening instead of tv.

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