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Welcome Class

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Welcome Class!

I love autumn. Back to school! For me this time of year used to mean new shoes and lots of new crayons. But I’m a long way from the daily classroom now. And my only child is grown and in his last year of college. I don’t do back to school shopping anymore. Still, with so many decades of starting school in the fall I think of September as the beginning of the year.

This isn’t the time of year we usually make resolutions but how bout starting something new? Now is the perfect time to dust off a dream or desire, to take a chance and learn something new. Is there a class you always wanted take? Is there a place you want to serve or work or volunteer? Now is a great time to begin. Sign ups are open!

You may feel too old for the classroom and you may be busy getting kids ready for school, but what about you and your fall routines. Maybe now is a time to think about a new direction for yourself! It’s the perfect time of year to start an educational adventure. Try something you have always wanted to.

ClassesCollageLooking online will give you all kinds of choices and ideas. Or take a trek to the library it’s amazing how many flyers of activities are still posted at the local library. And those ladies and gentlemen at the reference desk are there to help you find out what’s going on in your community. If you have a community college nearby that is another great place to start. Or google your specialized interest and see what local ideas pop up. You might be surprised what is offered in your area.

When my son was only two I needed a break from my daily mommy duties. In August a continuing education booklet landed in my mailbox. I flipped through looking for a weekly class. Lots were on offer: cake decorating, basket weaving, photography, yoga, accounting. I didn’t care what it was really I just needed one night off a week. I found a creative writing class. Thursday night class was my treat of the week. I learned so much I looked for other writing outlets. In fact that class was the catalyst for my writing career.

You don’t have to start with grand plans. I obviously didn’t. Sign up for a class just for fun or escape. What will you try: tap dancing? Kayaking? Writing? Cooking? Or maybe even start (or continue) your degree. Take a look. Find an adventure. I am still up for learning adventures. This fall I am looking into kayaking. I have wanted to learn for a long time and I’m going to try it.

What have you been itching to try?

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