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Taking Time for God

Do You have 10 Minutes to Sit before God?

Do you have 10 minutes for God?

Do you have 10 minutes to sit before God? To stop moving, to retreat from the world around you, and just to sit?

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” Psalm 46:10 NLT

I dare you to do it. Just where you are, can you give me a minute or two? Actually, can you give God a minute or two?

Think about those words, “I will be honored.”

When you are still you honor God.

Take a moment right now and acknowledge that He is God. Imagine Him still right next to you.

Only when you are still can you remember that His desire is to be honored among the nations.

Picture God around the world. Can you imagine Him walking along with young executives on the busy streets of Tokyo? Can you picture Him strolling with schoolchildren over the cobblestone lanes of Prague? Imagine the tourists snapping photos at ancient Mayan ruins. God is there. God is with you, too.

Your moments of stilling your mind and heart allow you to be amazed by who He is among the nations—throughout the world—and this gives Him respect. It reminds you of your place. It reminds you of His supreme governance.

Even in places where people worship idols or have set up false gods, He is still there, worthy of respect and praise.

And if God can handle all the world, don’t you think He can handle your problems, too, no matter how BIG they seem in your eyes?

Are you still? Are you allowing the stillness of your hands to move to your heart?

The word we translate in English as “still” means to slacken, and not to put forth any effort, especially with your hands. It expresses leaving matters to God, which is also stilling your heart.

Isn’t that how things work? We put our kids in time out because we know that when they still their bodies they will have time to think about what they’ve done. When you give yourself a time out, consider it as a way to take your mind off of your deeds, putting it on God’s deeds.

What has God done? Think back on your life—just take another minute or so—and remember areas God has “showed up.” Moments when you had no doubt He did something great.

My mind goes to:

  • our adoption stories
  • the way God showed up and provided funds for our mission trips
  • when God gives me an unexpected—but perfect—idea for the novel I’m writing
  • God bringing my husband into my life

Remembering times when God showed up builds my faith. How about yours? As you remember, do you feel like nothing is impossible in your day? (If not, keep remembering.)

God is worthy of universal adoration, and this moment you can start with your heart.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with one of the first verses I ever had my oldest son memorize. Actually, it was a whole chapter of the Bible. (Yes, I was an overachieving mom.)

If you have a few more minutes to be still (or even if you have to come back), ponder this and lift up your hearts in praise to God:

Psalm 100 (NIV)

A Psalm for Thanksgiving

Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth.

Serve the LORD with gladness;
Come before Him with joyful singing.

Know that the LORD Himself is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him, bless His name.
For the LORD is good;
His lovingkindness is everlasting
And His faithfulness to all generations.

Be still
and know . . .

be still.

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  1. Linda Anderson says:

    Excellent reminder to Be Still! We get so distracted by this world’s glitter and constant noise, it is indeed vital to remember to come before our Lord with quiet hearts and open minds!

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