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How to Find Time Clean

How to Find Time to Clean!


How to Find an Hour’s Worth of Cleaning Time in the Random Moments of Your Day

I don’t have hours a day to clean . . . although since I have a college-aged son, a husband, a grandma, and three kids six-years-old and under at home, I wish I did!

Instead, I’ve developed the habit of using random minutes throughout the day to clean. Here’s what I’ve done in the last week:

  • Unloaded the dishwasher while waiting for my daughter’s bagel to toast.
  • Picked up three toys as I’m walking across the living room to call the kids down for dinner.
  • Sorted the rubber bands and bobby pins as I’m brushing my teeth.
  • Picked up all the empty water bottles and papers in my car as I’m grabbing my purse to go inside.
  • Sorted through mail as I’m browning the hamburger for tonight’s spaghetti.
  • Took dirty clothes from my bathroom to the laundry room on the way to make my morning coffee.
  • Folded laundry when I’m on a business call.
  • Swept the floor as I helped my daughter with her homework.

It’s amazing how these little things add up! And when I see a straightened pantry (done while I was waiting for pasta to boil) it makes me want to tackle the crumbs on the counters. It’s amazing how the little things add up!

How about you? How do you use those random minutes throughout the day to clean?

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