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Comfort Knitting

Comfort Knitting, My Warm and Fuzzy Lifeline


I write a lot about knitting. It’s my hobby of choice. It keeps me cool in summer. Knitting offers me community weekly. It’s even taught me to be resourceful. But this week I am holding onto my knitting needles like a lifeline.

Knitting is what keeps me from drowning. I am overwhelmed (can you be just “whelmed”?) with all the details of moving across the country. We are taking up stakes and going from California to New York. Oh my! It’s a good and happy time. The adventure is super exciting. But that’s the big picture.

The little picture is different. There are all the boxes to pack, the accounts to close and change, the drop offs to Goodwill, the detailed long lists of moving life 3,000 miles and 3 time zones to the east. Yikes! It’s enough to make a person crazy. Well this person anyway.

I have long known the calming value of a little knit time. So even in the midst of the craziness of moving I am making time to knit daily. And I am experiencing those calming effects differently than I have in the past. Usually knit time is fun and I concentrate on the pattern or color or think of the person the garment is for and sometimes I would pray while I work. These days knit time is the only time I can calm my mind long enough to step back and talk to God. Knitting keeps me from falling into a panic.

I am not the first to notice moving knit stitches from one needle to the other is very much like counting rosary beads. It centers my thoughts the more heavenly ideas. The gentle pace of knitting slows down my fears. I can put things in perspective.

Yes, there is a lot to do. Yes, I have a limited amount of time to do it. But I also have the peace of this moment. I raise my head from my worries long enough to look down at my knitting and see a constant. I see God showing up when I give him the room to enter. Knitting is my open door to God. “Please come sit with me and we’ll talk.” And we do. He calms my mind and I try my best to listen.

You may not be moving this summer. But there are probably other equally as large stressors in your life. Whatever it is you face, exciting or terrifying, I encourage you to find a way to get quiet for a moment daily and just breath. I happen to do this with yarn in my hands, you may find garden dirt suits you better, or chopping vegetables or walking the trails. But look for some time when you can pause and let God in through your door. I know he’ll show up.


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Lisa Bogart (64 Posts)

Lisa Bogart. Lisa is a movie-loving, book-reading, sweater-knitting, cookie-baking, world-traveling woman. She is also the author of Knit With Love, Stories to Warm a Knitters Heart. She won the Guideposts Writers Workshop in 2010. These days Lisa works part time at Piedmont Yarn in Oakland, CA. And she loves nothing better than writing all morning, knitting all afternoon, and watching a movie with hubby in the evening. You can find Lisa online at LisaBogart.com.