Feeling Down? Go Pet A Pony!

I love animals and fortunately I am surrounded by various creatures. It’s nice to visit places and just look at the animals rather than have the responsibility of a farm. During the summer months it seems as though I am perpetually happy, especially if I am around animals. I am a firm believer that little critters can cheer up even the grumpiest of people. My husband once said “if you are sad then you need to pet a pony.” Actually that is his answer to most anything thrown his way. If you feel sick . . . go pet a pony . . . if you feel upset . . . go pet a pony. Research has shown that therapy animals are beneficial to people so I think my husband is on to something with his pony advice. Plus, ponies are adorable. I hope to put some smiles on the Not Quite Amish reader’s faces by sharing a few of my favorite pictures of critters who will win you over with their extreme cuteness and their crazy looking horns!


Here is a pony that will steal your heart and any apples you may be hiding in your pocket. Seriously, how could you not want to pet this little guy? Doctors should write prescriptions for time to hang out with miniature ponies. It’s good for what ails you.


This piggy is soaking up some rays. He looks so content! All he needs is a pair of shades to complete his day in the sun.


I met this ostrich while taking a tour at Rolling Ridge Ranch which is located not far from Berlin. You can feed tons of animals from the comfort of a wagon which is pulled by a team of rather large horses. Ostriches mean business. Just look at how she is eyeballing me as if saying “enough with the camera . . . give me more food!


Look at the horns on this guy! He lives with the ostrich on the ranch. In the background is a posse of zebra’s waiting their turn to munch on some food. Warning: hold onto your bucket when you are on the wagon ride. The inhabitants of the ranch are bucket grabbers.


Mama goat plus baby goat equals a cuteness overload! Looks as if she may be encouraging the little one to stroll up the stairs which lead to the roof. The roof is usually littered with goats who are part of the petting zoo at Hershberger’s Bakery & Farm. You can hang out all day with the animals and smile up a storm. Just so you know, this place sells animals too in case you want to have a goat to call your own.


If these two beauties don’t make your mouth curve upward, you can just *sigh* for the peaceful and quiet nature of the photo. Isn’t that what we all want . . . peace and quiet along with a few smiles?

Did my pictures encourage you to smile just a teeny tiny bit? If so, then that makes me smile!

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  1. Chris Meyer says:

    so, so true. My farm animals are the best therapy on earth.

  2. Chris, I love your photos of your farm! If you want to see some spectacular pictures look Chris up on Facebook everyone…her page is Memories by Chris…you will love it 🙂

  3. I laughed at this! HA HA HA. Doctors should write prescription to hang out with animals. I totally love that, Michelle!!!!!

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